Here’s Why Organic Manicures are Important

Here’s Why Organic Manicures are Important

Some nail salons throw around the term “organic manicures” but they may not really use organic products. At Le Nails, we are serious about truly all-natural and organic nail polishes and nail cleansers. It’s true that organic products are more expensive than the chemical-ridden traditional nail polishes, but this is because organic products are far superior.

Why Organic Is Better

  • Organic products lack the noxious fumes that traditional non-organic nail polishes give off. This keeps your respiratory system healthier.
  • Organic polishes are non-toxic, meaning when your child gets a manicure and later puts her fingers in her mouth, she won’t ingest hazardous chemicals that are used in traditional nail polishes.
  • Organic nail polish is safe for expectant mothers. When you are pregnant, you shouldn’t expose yourself (and your unborn baby) to toxic chemicals in traditional nail polish.
  • Organic nail polish doesn’t damage your natural nails like the chemical-infested traditional nail polishes.
  • Organic products are safe for the environment. Because they are made of all-natural ingredients, you are doing your part to preserve the Earth for your kids and grand kids.

Start treating yourself like you deserve with organic manicures!